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    • Volt Europe


      Volt Europe offers contingent staffing, direct placement, and managed services throughout Europe from offices in the UK, Belgium, and France. In Europe’s mature, highly competitive marketplace, our experienced consultants give clients a competitive edge by providing proven workforce management expertise and unsurpassed understanding of local and regional markets.

      For staffing, our innovative sourcing strategies enable us to maintain a deep network of pre-qualified candidates for roles in an array of industries, and our rigorous screening and interviewing processes provide rapid access to qualified, motivated employees who will match the culture of the company where they’re placed.

      Volt’s managed services programs enable clients to get more value from their labor spend by increasing the efficiency, visibility, and control of their contingent labor program. Through supplier management and optimization strategies, strict governance to legislative regulations and internal business rules, consolidated invoicing (where possible), and ongoing program improvement, we help clients improve talent quality and control costs and risks at every step of the process.

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      Volt Asia


      Volt Asia, headquartered in Singapore, offers flexible staffing and search services that help companies of any size efficiently and effectively improve their recruiting results. Volt specializes in identifying and delivering candidates who have the expertise and experience you seek and the personality and motivation to fit the culture of your organization.

      Our recruiters are active within the industries they serve in order to build relationships with proven professionals. This strategy enables Volt to secure crucial referrals of active job seekers and passive candidates (people currently working yet open to new opportunities and who aren’t available through conventional hiring processes). We understand the impact the right hire can make for our clients, and our innovative search strategies, comprehensive screening, and focus on best-fit placements allow us to consistently deliver talented people who will make a difference for your company.

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      Volt India


      Arctern provides Optimal Workflow Design and Scalable Workforce Distribution. We analyze and document current state processes, recommend strategies for efficiency, and deliver technology and service solutions that sharpen your competitive edge. Arctern delivers efficient, cost-effective, flexible solutions. Offerings range from Software Development, Application Maintenance & Technology Integration to Business process Optimization.

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    • Our Services


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